We are a group of Maine Coon breeders across the UK with many years of breeding experience between us.  We have come together to pool our wide resources to offer Maine Coon kitten buyers the best in quality and choice.

Our common interest can be the focal point in your search for the right Maine Coon kitten for you - whether for show, breeding or as a pet.

We are always approachable, friendly and have a great understanding of our breed - the very special Maine Coon.  Talk to us first.

As well as details of our catteries and Maine Coon kitten availability, over time this site will provide a wealth of advice and help on several topics associated with this wonderful pedigree breed - the Maine Coon.

Like other reputable breeders, all of us ensure that our Maine Coon kittens have a full course of vaccinations, are wormed, examined by a vet and are at least 13 weeks old before they go to their new homes. We register our Maine Coon kittens with one of the main registries within the UK - GCCF, TICA or FIFe.

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